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Which Sky3ds Flashcard Supports All 3DS Games in Italia?

Is the Sky3ds Flashcard playing ALL 3DS Games in Italia, include eshop games and out-of region games? If yes, which sky3ds card it is´╝čIf no, which games we can play on Sky3ds and which we can’t? Here are the answers.

Which Sky3ds card plays the Most 3DS Games?

Sky3ds has many versions, Sky3ds V1, V2 and the most recent V3, it is also called the Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus. That is the Sky3ds flashcard support the most 3DS Games. Firstly, this sky3ds v3 card without game limitation, you can download as many as 3ds games you want to the sd card to play with sky3ds. Secondly, the sky3ds has resolved Anti-Piracy check of new 3ds games, so it supports all new 3ds games which Sky3ds V1 and V2 can’t.

Sky3ds flashcard

This Sky3ds card is also the most popular 3ds flashcard in all years, because R4 flashcard is only playing 3ds games, the Stargate 3ds can’t play many 3ds games released in late time of 2015. All other flashcarts for Nintendo 3DS such as Ace3ds plus, they are not supporting 3DS Games too. So to play free Nintendo 3ds games on any 3DS firmware console, your best flash card to buyis the Sky3ds.

Can Sky3ds Plus flashcard play ALL 3DS Games?

The Sky3ds plus flashcard has many new features compared with the old two versions, but as like the original Sky3ds cards, Sky3ds plus can’t support Eshop games. Can it be used to play cross-region 3ds games? The answer is Yes and No.

If your 3DS firmware version is lower than V11.10, you can use the sky3ds flashcard to play other region games. How? Just use the homebrew exploit such as Ninjhax 2.9 on your 3DS, the Sky3ds card can homebrew your console, then you can use the region-free tool to play out-of region 3ds games.

If your 3DS firmware version is higher than v11.9, currently, you can’t use the Sky3ds plus flashcard to play other region games. Why? Because the free homebrew exploits, they are not working on 3DS V11.10 and 3DS V11.11.

What site can sell this Sky3ds flashcard in Italia?

In Italy, if you want to buy the Sky3ds plus flashcard, just go to search in the Internet, google with Sky3ds seller or where to buy Sky3ds in Italy, you can find many stores. Here recommend you one trusted seller It’s a friendly, cheap and safe Italian site to buy Sky3ds card. It has the following customer service.

  • Official seller of Sky3ds in Italy, test card before shipping.
  • Ship Sky3ds+ card to Italy in 24 hours after your order, shipping number provided in email.
  • Send Sky3ds flashcard with a lower price, also comes with a free skydock.
  • Keep stock in EU warehouse, so the Sky3ds will be send from EU, not overseas which will cost you Custom.
  • 1 year guarantee for Sky3ds flashcard, support return or exchange.

If you are looking for the On Sale Sky3ds, the site can offer you a Voucher code as well, here it is “NL32G51Z”. Just order Sky3ds card with it in, fast, cheap and safe payment.

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