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Which Country is the Richest Country in the World 2016

which country is the richest country in the world 2016

Top Richest Countries in the World in 2016:
Ranking Based are 2015 GDP(PPP) of a country and compare the generalized difference cost of living and standards between the countries. More read information just click here.

World Richest Countries in the World

Sr No# Richest Country List  International Dollars
 1.  Qatar  146,011.85
 2.  Luxembourg  94,167.01
 3.  Singapore  84,821.40
 4.  Brunei Darussalam  80,335.27
 5.  Kuwait  71,600.96
 6.  Norway  67,619.10
 7.   United Arab Emirates  67,201.88
 8.   Hong Kong  57,676.79
 9.  United States  57,045.46
 10.  Switzerland  56,815.63

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