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Roblox is a 3D multiplayer video game where you can play all kinds of mini-games. With other people or with your friends you can enter different servers and enjoy many variants of the game, building your own Mc Donald’s, playing a shooter or just hanging out on a mini-game server.

Is it Good For You?

This game has been surprisingly good if we think it is a free game, which you can download through its official page [which we will leave below]. With a design similar to a mix between Lego and Unturned, [To give you an idea]  and a game mode that we have seen rarely with other companies, such as Garrys Mod, make this game an interesting and very entertaining mix. At first, the plot of the game is not very well understood, and it does not exist, you are a doll assembled by pieces, which you can edit by entering the Roblox store, where you will find varied objects, mostly free, although many pay, and you simply have to choose what you want to play and enter.

There are countless mini-games within the application itself, and it is almost impossible to find out what they are about until the tests for the first time. The games are entertaining, and that’s it. They are not something of the other world, original yes, but also repetitive.

There are many games with the word Tycoon and they mostly work the same way. You have money and you must spend it on stepping on some plates so that more objects appear that will help you earn more money, as a factory, and when you reach the end there is nothing more to do, you have simply made a factory and go.

This is fine to play for the first time, and you can’t play more times, because the bad part of the game starts. When you enter one of these games the first time, it is really entertaining and you enjoy doing the factory, in addition to that it hooks so much until you reach the point where you can not stop building your factory just for the desire to see how it is finished, it is a feeling of satisfaction that ends at the moment in which you finish the construction of your building, because when finishing it that game is also finished. But listen! That Roblox is not just building factories, remember that this type of game is called Tycoon, [“Millionaire based on business” or “rich businessman” in Spanish]  and is one of the infinite game modes available in Roblox, which we will talk about in the following lines. The Tycoon’s are fine for a rainy afternoon, in which you don’t know what to do or just get bored, although after playing them once, you won’t be able to play again, because the factory will always stay the same way, there’s no no freedom or creativity in construction, and the mechanics of the game [Stepping on tiles to earn more money and buying more tiles] is repeated throughout a large part of Roblox.

What are Robux and how to get them?

Just as hacks for big games are available now, there are hacks for Roblox too. In the game, the currency used is called Robux. You can win by playing that game or you can buy it. Having a lot of Robux in the game can help you compete and win the game easily. People constantly try to get more and more Robux online. There are some possible ways to get Robux. As:

  1. If you are a player of Roblox builders group you get a daily sum of Robux.
  2. Any account owner of the game can sell pants, shirts, and access in the game to get Robux. You will get 80% of the selling amount for Robux.
  3. You can Buy Robux via the in-game store
  4. The best way to get free Robux is

This website is the only place where you can have free Robux for gaming. We can say it is safe because they work always to updating their platform.

More about Roblox!

In addition to this game mode there are many others, and more entertaining, such as the Minigames that provide some of the servers, which as you can deduce by name, when you enter the server you will play an infinite number of mini-games in loop with an average duration of three or four minutes each. This type of servers were our favorites without a doubt, and although it can be confusing that these servers are based on playing mini-games within a game of mini-games, they are really entertaining and varied, with more than 50 games within each server of this type.

Within the game there are many more variants of games, in addition to those mentioned above, although we have not tried them all. Other mentions would be the Shooters servers of the Call Of Duty type, or the Murder servers, following the theme of murderer-police-victims.

Roblox is a varied game, which brings many game options, but at the same time, it has some inconveniences that we have not liked at all. In the matter of playing with your friends, it is very difficult to find a server in which you all want, since the average of characters per server is usually 4, and besides that you cannot join your friends games automatically, either You can create your own private servers, although if you want to do it you can pay with your real money and everything is solved.

Of course, remember that this review was made of Roblox for PC, although it is also available in Andorid and XBOX.

If what you want is to play online but with unknown people, then you will not find any inconvenience to this game leaving aside whether you like or not the mini-games that it brings, but if what you want is to play with your friends and acquaintances, some shooter or murder are usually the servers with the greatest capacity of people, with the number rising to 12 per server. If you want to know more about Roblox, you have to play it.

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