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Best Action Game Free Full Download Version

What is an Action Game?
The action game is a big category. All the action game free full download version can be defined through swords, guns, avatars, zombies and boss fights. This category almost holds every genre. An action game coordinates with all the physical senses as well eye and hand coordination. This coordination means that when the players see something on the screen, he or she can react to it. The reaction will then be passed down through hands towards the mouse, or the joystick user is using. Doctors explain physical challenge as the coordination of hand and eye together. These action games contain a certain level of the difficulty level. It is to ensure that game is fulfilling the meanings of an action game.
An action game can have different subcategories has a shooter and fighting games. Many would argue that real-time strategy is also another action game. It needs a lot of time and reaction with coordination of working in a game. Strategy games are by the player. IF the game plan is designed properly before then, real time reaction of eye and hand coordination is not required.

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What happens during Action Game Free Download Full Version?
The player is the real human who is controlling an avatar inside the game. The avatar has all the capabilities to perform a certain action on the order of the player. This order and reaction to the order happen in seconds. Once the avatar gets the order, he can then collect a different kind of trophies to solve different stages in the game. As the stage clears, the next coming stage has a higher difficulty level. The avatar has to perform certain moves to overcome such difficulties. Once the avatar performs, then those moves the avatar level increases. With the increase in level, this gives avatar more strength power, and he can take down different obstacles easily. On reaching at the end of the level the player has to defeat the boss. The boss is a difficult stage avatar of the boss is more powerful and strong than normal obstacles. The boss at high levels can’t be easily defeated. The avatar of the player may die many times before he can figure how to kill the boss. Once the boss of the certain level is defeated, the player receives special bonus awards. These awards may be different weapons inside the games.
The player eventually wins the game at the last level. Action games are mostly level based. A level may have a certain amount of time limit or the level progress limit. After that level is over, the player needs to end different quests in the action game. Once all the quests are solved the game may come to an end. Many games are about achieving the highest score in the game. These kinds of action games are unlimited.

What is different action games present on the market?
There are many action game free download full version present on the market. These action games are not only difficult, but they have attracted too much audience in less time. Prince of Persia and Hitman is an example of top action games present on the market. These games do belong to the action and subcategory shooter game, but they are part of action games.
Prince of Persia is about the prince who has been lost in the sand and trying to resolve the problems. These problems increase as different enemies are pulling towards the prince who is trying to find his way towards the palace. The enemies try to kill the Prince, but the Prince is an expert in martial arts. The player playing the prince role can evade the attacks of the enemy easily.
On another hand, Hitman Is very simple straight forward finding path game. This game is about a silent assassin who has been given different targets. He needs to kill the target before the target runs away. The target has different guards that are protecting him from the Hitman. The player playing the hitman game was amused by the difficulty of the game and intense gun fights. The Hitman can change different guns and can equip different rifles inside the games.

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Why are action games so graphic?
Action game free download full version is a pack of intense action inside the game. The games are graphic because there is a lot of hack slash and kill the enemy situations are present inside the game. This situation makes it difficult for the players to play without killing anybody. Such cinematic are put inside the game on purpose by the developing company. As these cinematic scenes increase the interest level and the players appreciate the game. The players rarely accept a typical shoot to kill the platform. They get bored playing same thing again that is why putting graphic scenes are very important. They keep the interest level intact inside the game.
What is action role-playing games?
Role playing games were developed in early 1980’s by different platforms. A standard role playing is a reference towards the RPG or ARPG. Role-playing games are the games where the player is controlling the avatar in an environment. The avatar is the key hero of the games. He has to pass certain quests to reach the boss and kill the boss. These quests will help the avatar to gain level and money inside the game. The money can be used to buy different weapons. The stronger weapons can easily kill this enemy. Stronger weapons inside the point of the game towards the large swords and knives.

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What are different categories of action games?
Action games can easily be downloaded and played on a normal person computer.
Shooter game:  This category is all about guns and shooting enemies with once the enemy dies the player avatar gains certain rewards
Role playing game: These games are based on real-time decisions and strategy. The player decides which road to take and how to solve the game.
Hack and slash games: This kind of action games is based on sword fights and looting of different in-game currency.